Daniel Chandler
  • Kategori: Sözlükler
  • Yayıncı: Oxford University Press
  • Yazar: Daniel Chandler
  • Basım Tarihi: 2020
  • ISBN: 9780199568758

Over 3,600 entries

‘…not only a dictionary of communication and media but also a liberal education that enables users to see interesting relationships between many of the concepts it discusses.’ Professor Arthur Asa Berger, San Francisco State University

This authoritative and up-to-date A–Z offers points of connection between communication and media and covers all aspects of interpersonal, mass, and networked communication, including digital and mobile media, advertising, journalism, social media, and nonverbal communication.

In this new edition, over 2,000 entries have been revised and more than 500 have been newly added to include current terminology and concepts such as artificial intelligencecisgenderfake newshive minduse theory, and wikiality. It bridges the gap between theory and practice and contains many technical terms that are relevant to the communication industry, including dialogue editingnews aggregator and primary colour correction. Additional material includes a biographical notes appendix, and entries are complemented by approved web links which guide further reading.

This is an indispensable guide for undergraduate students of media and communication studies and also for those taking related subjects such as television studies, video production, communication design, visual communication, marketing communications, semiotics, and cultural studies